We stock following parts :                                                           (Inquiries should be directed to "sales@ellyptic.ch")

2805, 2833, 5534, 6502, 7908, 54002, µPD1990AC, 10.00000 MHZ, 100C48-12D425, 11.05920 MHZ, 120R16Z832ZP4 8300/12/20, 14.31818 MHZ, 18.43200 MHZ, 18.8696 MHZ, 1N4004, 1N4004, 1N4007, 1N4148, 1N5401, 1N5611, 1N754AJAN, 1N756A, 2114UCB, 216-3340, 222-3343, 224-3344, 228-3345, 230002G, 240008GB, 240-3346, 24C01A/P, 24C65/SM, 24LC01/SM, 24LC04B/P, 250S41224MP 220nF/25/20, 2567CP, 2716DC, 27256-20, 2731-418, 27C256-20, 27C256-20, 27C256-25/P  OTP, 27C32Q-350  NM, 27C512-15 /J, 27C512-150DC, 27C512-20, 27C512-25, 27C64-15, 27C64-20 I, 27C64-25/L, 27HC641-70 I/SJ , 27HC64-45, 28C04A-25/P, 28C16-15, 28C16A-25 /P, 28C64-20/J, 28C64-20/P, 28C64A-25/L  PLCC, 28C64A-25/P, 28C64AX-20 I/P, 2N3055, 2N3350 DUAL, 2N3724, 2N3741, 2N5192, 2N5195, 2N5322, 2N5323, 2N5871, 2N6078, 2N6078, 2N6085, 2N6087, 2N6288, 3.18720 MHZ, 3.27680 MHZ , 3.57955 MHZ, 3.68640 MHZ , 3006P-001-254, 3006P-001-501, 3006P-001-504, 3006P-1-102  1K, 3006P-1-103  10K, 3006P-1-501  500R, 3006P-1-502   5K, 301CJ, 303AL, 303CJ, 30CPQ060, 312CJ, 312CL, 312CN(Gold), 32.768 KHz, 323CJ, 325CJ  , 3296Y-1-501 500R, 32R117A-2P, 32R521-6H, 3306P-1-103   10K     , 3329H-1-101   100R, 3329H-1-103  1K, 3329H-1-104  100K, 3329H-1-203   20K, 3329H-1-501  500R, 3329H-1-502  5K, 3329H-1-503   50K, 3329W-1-203   20K, 333AL, 333CL, 341AJ, 341AL, 343CJ, 344CJ, 347CL, 363CJ, 367AL, 367CJ, 367CL, 370AL, 371AL, 371CJ, 371CL, 372AJ, 372AL, 375AL, 375CL, 380AL, 381AL, 381CL, 382AL, 382CJ, 383AL, 38626-202-501A, 3N153, 3N155, 4.00000 MHZ , 4.19430 MHZ , 4.43369 MHZ, 4001 BCN  CD, 40085PC, 4010 BCP, 4013 BCP  , 4017 BCL, 4022 BCP, 4029 BCP, 40348 TRANS., 4040 BCN, 4046 BE   HFE, 4047BPC, 4049CN  CD , 4050BCN CD, 4071BCN   CD, 4073BE (HCF), 4076BCN, 4081BCN  CD, 4093BCP, 4116-3DC, 4194CW CERDIP, 420CP3 24VDC, 4502BCP, 4503BCP, 4508BCN, 4510BE   HCF, 4514CN   CD, 4518BCL, 4518BCP, 4518BE, 451BE  HCF, 4520BCP, 4538B    BCD>7, 4541CL, 4543 BE CD, 4543B (NM)    BCD>7, 4650 220V  572004, 4FS, 4N25, 4N28, 4N33, 4N39A, 5.00000 MHZ, 5.06880 MHZ, 500R15W103KT, 501 S41 L 680 JV, 501CFB430KP, 501R18X472MP, 5082-7731, 50J 100mA/8MHz, 520-CP3 220VAC , 520LSA 115V 5000H, 54LS00J, 57T980, 592HN14, 5AV120/BY209, 6.14400 MHZ, 6300-1J, 6300-1J, 6300D, 6300D, 6N 135, 7116CPL, 7122MKK, 7122MKK, 7126KJ, 7126KJ, 7129SI, 7129SSI, 71301E, 7139GC, 7139GC, 7141KCW, 7141KCW, 7205KDH, 7205KDH, 7206FT, 7222CF, 7222CF, 7226PAA, 7226PAA, 7227AZ, 7227AZ, 7233PZY, 7233ZY, 7236CZ, 7236CZ, 73 D 216A-CP, 73D215A-CP, 73D215A-CP, 73D215A-CP, 73D215A-CP, 73D216A-CP, 73D2400-CP, 73K222AL-IP, 73K222-ICH (12V), 73K222L-IP, 73K222L-IP, 73K222U-IH, 73K222U-IP, 73K224L-32IH, 73K224L-IP, 73K224LXS, 73K321L-IH, 73K322L-IH, 73K322L-IP, 73K324BL-ICH, 73K324L-28IHX, 73K324L-ICH, 73K324L-IP, 73M1515-ICH, 73M1550-ICH, 73M214-IP, 73M214-IP, 73M214-IP, 73M2901-IGT, 73M2901-IH/5, 73M450-IP, 73M450L-ICH, 73M550-IP, 73M9001, 7400N, 7407N, 74125N, 7413M, 74154 N, 741DE, 7447AN, 7447AN, 748CE, 74F00N, 74F02N, 74F138N, 74F157N, 74F157N, 74F242N, 74F373N, 74F374N, 74F74N, 74F74PC, 74FCT2245TP, 74FCT2373ATSO, 74FCT244TP, 74FCT244TSO, 74FCT245ATP, 74FCT245TP, 74FCT245TSO, 74FCT2823ATSO, 74FCT2841ATP, 74FCT2841ATSO, 74FCTC2245TSO, 74HC00N, 74HC138 B1N, 74HC244B1, 74HC42N, 74HCT245, 74LS00, 74LS00N, 74LS01, 74LS02P, 74LS03, 74LS04N, 74LS08B1, 74LS10, 74LS112, 74LS112, 74LS113B1, 74LS123N, 74LS125N, 74LS132N, 74LS132N, 74LS132N, 74LS13N  SN, 74LS147N SN, 74LS14N, 74LS151N, 74LS155N, 74LS15B1, 74LS160A, 74LS163A, 74LS165N, 74LS174N, 74LS174N, 74LS189AN, 74LS190N, 74LS190N, 74LS191N, 74LS191N, 74LS193N, 74LS196N, 74LS196N, 74LS20, 74LS20N, 74LS22, 74LS240N, 74LS241N, 74LS241N, 74LS241N, 74LS244N, 74LS244N, 74LS245N, 74LS245N, 74LS257A, 74LS257N, 74LS258, 74LS258AN, 74LS258N, 74LS258N, 74LS259, 74LS260B1, 74LS266N, 74LS273N, 74LS32N, 74LS365AP, 74LS367A, 74LS37, 74LS373N, 74LS373N, 74LS373N, 74LS373N, 74LS373P, 74LS376AN, 74LS377, 74LS38N, 74LS390N, 74LS42, 74LS54, 74LS541N, 74LS647NT, 74LS688N, 74LS74AB1, 74LS76, 74LS93, 74LS96N, 74S112N, 74S40N, 75T204-IL, 75T2091-IP, 75T957-IP, 75T980, 75T980CL SMD, 75T980-CP, 75T980CP DIL8, 7812C, 78A093A-CP, 78A093A-CP, 78P2241-ICH, 78P234CP, 78P2361-ICH, 78P2362-ICH, 78P2362-IP, 78P236-ICH, 78P236-IP, 78P236-IP, 78P7200-IH, 78P7200-IP, 78Q2120-64T, 78Q2120-CGT, 78Q8392L-28CH, 7A21-A1PCSE2, 8.00000 MHZ, 81C1000-12 1MB  SMD, 82937A, 8412  12V, 8412  12V Multifan, 852CE, 8603MX.V20, 861BL, 861CL, 8641CJ, 8750J, 898-3-R180 180 OHM, 9332B, 93C46, 93C66/P, 9400CJ, 96364AE, 96364AE, A1000AMT3B Athlon, A-45 Se Photovoltaic, A80286-10, A80286-12, A80385-33   IV, A80386DX 20, A80386DX 25, A80386DX 33, A80387DX 16-33 , A80486DX-33 , A80486DX-66, A80502150 SY015, A80502-75, A80520166 Ipp, ACF7092C, ACF7323, AD2020, AD301ALN, AD518SH, AD559KD, AD565JN, AD571KD, AD581KH, AD582KD, AD582KD, AD590KH, AD590MF, AD644JH, AD7510DIKN, AD7523KN, AD7525LN, AD7943BR, AD7945BRS, ADC0831CCN, ADS7806P, AH0129CD, AH0162CD, AH5011CH, AH5011CN, AM2708DC, AM2716DC, AM27S29PC, AM2847DC, AM2914DC, AM29F040B-90JC, Am386DX/DXL-40, AM685DL, AM8253CC, AM9101CPC, AM9111BPC/P2111A-4, AM9111CPC /P2111A, AM9111PC/P21111-2, AT5401, AT5402, AT5502, AT5601, AT5602, AT5700, AT5701, AT5751, AT5801, AT5802, AT6935.0 SL, AT6950.1 SL, AT8053, AT8093, AT8093, AT8777 - TOOL, AT9410-0, AT9410-1, AT9410-2, AY0438, AY0438I, AY0438I, AY-1-5050P, AY1621-6, AY167216, AY-3-0215, AY-3-1014A, AY-3-1014A CER, AY-3-1015D, AY-3-1015D CER, AY-3-1270, AY-3-1270, AY-3-1350, AY-3-4592, AY-3-8500, AY-3-8500, AY-3-8606, AY-3-8913, AY-3-9400, AY-3-9410, AY-3-9900, AY-5-1013AI, AY-5-1200, AY-5-1213AI, AY-5-1230, AY-5-1232, AY-5-1260, AY-5-3600, AY-5-3600PRO, AY-5-4007, AY-5-5053, AY-5-5054, AY-5-8102, AY-5-8116, AY-5-8116/P, AY-5-8146, AY-5-8300, AY-5-8301, AY-5-8301, AY-5-8310, AY-5-8905, AY-5-9050, AY-5-9100, AY-5-9100, AY-5-9100, AY-5-9151A, AY-5-9152, AY-5-9152CER, AY-5-9156, AY-5-9156, AY-5-9200 , AY-5-9200 , AY-5-9206, AY-5-9500, AY-5-9500, AY-5-9500 , AY-5-9559A, AY-5-9559B, AY-5-9802, AY-5-9804, AY-6-1013 CER, B250C1500, B2758, B50523P350512E, B82432-A1103-K DROSSEL, B82494-A1332-MDROSSEL, BAS78D, BC107B, BC109C, BC140-10, BC307B, BCP52-10 E6327, BCP55, BCP68, BCW72 NPN, BCX 54-16, BFX 34, BOD1-04 Kippdiode, BP8052200  i200, BS170, BTS114A, BTS120, BTS410D, BTS410E, BTS941, BUP200D, BUP314S, BUY69A, BUZ 21, BUZ72A, BY209, BY291, BYP 102, BYT08P1-400, C1776CP1, C262, C42315A1341-A2, C-594, C-595L, C-598, C-599, C-689D, C8020S01/18432HZ, C8087, C8185, CA3046, CA3046, CA3081, CA3100H(Chip), CA3130E, CA3140E, CA3140E, CA3240E, CA3240E, CAT59C11P, CD4001BCN/MM5601BN, CD4001BCN/MM5601BN, CD4009AE, CD400BCN  , CD4011BE, CD4012BCN/MM5612BN, CD4013AE, CD4013BCN, CD4013BCN/MM5613BN, CD4014BE, CD4016AE, CD4016BE, CD4016CN/MM5616AN, CD4017AE, CD4017AE, CD4017BCN/MM5617BN, CD4020CN, CD4025BE, CD4025BE, CD4026BE, CD4026BE, CD4027BE, CD4028BCN, CD4028BCN/MM5628BN, CD40298CN, CD4029BCN/MM5629BN, CD4029BD, CD4029BMJ, CD4037AF, CD4040 BCN, CD4040BCN/MM5640BN, CD4040BE, CD4044AF, CD4047BCN, CD4047BCN, CD4047BE, CD4047BE, CD4047BE, CD4047BE, CD4048BE, CD4049BCN/MM5649AN, CD4049CN, CD4050 BCJ, CD4050BCJ, CD4050BCN/MM5650BN, CD4050BD, CD4051BCN, CD4051BCN, CD4057AD, CD4059AE, CD4066BE, CD4067BF, CD4071BCN , CD4071BCN/MM5671BN, CD4073DC, CD4076 BCN, CD4076BCN, CD4076BD, CD4081BCN, CD4081BCN/MM5681BN, CD4093BE, CD4099BD, CD4514CN/MM14514BCN, CD4518BCN/MM14518BN, CD4518BD, CD4520BCN, CD4532BE, CD4543BE, CD4556BE, CD4556BE, CD5070BCP, CD5R22UF20V20%, CD5R22UF20V20%, CD74ACT564E, CD74HCT27E, CDA254574ACT564E, CDM6116AE3, CDP1824D, CK3300, CL140GCD, CL140YCD, CL140YCDT, CL150PGCD, CL150SDCD, CL155SDGD, CL155URGD, CL170PGCD, CL170SDCD, CL190DCD, CL190GCD, CL190SRCD, CL190YCD, CLC300A , CNY17-1, CNY17-1, CR024, CR470, CTC1F 10uF16V 10%, CTS13A 3,3/16/20, CTS13B10UF50V20%, CTS13B47UF6,3V20%, CTS13C 33/25/20, CTS13C 33/25/20, CTS13C33UF25V10%, CTS256A-AL2, CTS4B 0.22/40/5, CTS4B0.22UF40V5%, CXK58257P-10 L , D1990 AC, D2114AL-4, D2147H-2, D2147H-2, D2148H, D2164A-15, D2716, D2716, D2716, D2716-2, D2732A-2, D2732A-4, D2732A-4, D2732A-4, D27C0100-200V10, D27C010-200V10, D2912, D304  DMOS, D41256 MB8264A-12, D4287, D8080, D8156C, D8212, D8216, D8226, D82288-10, D8255A, D8255AC-5, D8259A, D8279C-5, D8282, D82C284-10, D8741A, D8755A, DB25, DC4034BD, DCD4016AE, Detector Cell-No-1, DH0034CD, DL440M, DM5490AJ, DM7400N, DM7407M SMD, DM7408N, DM74367N, DM74367N/DM8097N, DM7447AN, DM7447AN, DM74L192J, DM74L42AN, DM74LS02N, DM74LS138N, DM74LS161AN, DM74LS367N, DM74LS533N, DM74S64N, DM8136N, DM85L51N, DM9334N, DN74LS193P-2, DN74LS266P, DN74LS365AP, DN74LS393P, DP8228N, DS0026CJ, DS1286 Watchdog, DS-23C1A2QE-A, DS-23C1A2QN-A, DS8868N, DSP320-10, DSP320-10/25, DSP320C10-25, DSP320C10-25L, DSX32010 ENG, DV28120V, EA7050, EA7055, EF8607-2, EFB7510CD, EGP50C, ER1105, ER140/TO99, ER1400, ER1400/P, ER2050, ER2051, ER2055, ER2400A, ER2401A, ER2805, ER2810, ER3400, ER3400 PL, ER3400CER, ER5716, ER5716, ER5901, ER5911, ER5911, ER59256, ER59256, ERJ6 6EY J181 180R, ETC2716Q, F21021PC, F4016DC, F74H61DC, F74H61N, F840, F9316PC, FD1791-B, FE6B, FEJ271, FEJ271B, FLV117, FND357, FV80503200, G65SC02P-1, G65SC02P-1, G65SC22P-1, GEG50N05, GHD1610FS, H109D1, H112D1, H11B1, H11L1, HA1143G, HC4049UBE, HCF4000BE, HCF4001BE, HCF4001BE, HCF4001BF, HCF4002BE, HCF4008BE, HCF40101BE, HCF40103BF, HCF40105BF, HCF40106BE, HCF40106BF, HCF40107BE, HCF4012BE, HCF4013BE, HCF4013BF, HCF4013BF, HCF4014BF, HCF4015BE, HCF4015BF, HCF40160BE, HCF40174BE, HCF4017BE, HCF4017BF, HCF4017BF, HCF4019BE, HCF4019BE, HCF4021BE, HCF4023BE, HCF4024BE, HCF4027BE, HCF4028BE, HCF4030BE, HCF4030BE, HCF4033BE, HCF4040BE, HCF4040BF, HCF4043BE, HCF4043BF, HCF4044BE, HCF4049BF, HCF4049UBE, HCF4049UBF, HCF4050BE, HCF4050BF, HCF4051, HCF4052BE, HCF4052BF, HCF4053B, HCF4055BE, HCF4060BP, HCF4063BE, HCF4063BE, HCF4066BE, HCF4066BE, HCF4066BE, HCF4067BF, HCF4069UBE, HCF4069UBF, HCF4070BE, HCF4070BF, HCF4071BE, HCF4071BF, HCF4072BF, HCF4073BE, HCF4073BE, HCF4075BE, HCF4076BE, HCF4077BE, HCF4081BF, HCF4085BE, HCF4093BF, HCF4094BE, HCF4098BF, HCF4098BF, HCF4099BE, HCF4502BF, HCF4503BF, HCF4508BE, HCF4510BE, HCF4510BE, HCF4511BE, HCF4511BEY, HCF45128BE, HCF4512BE, HCF4516BE, HCF4555BE, HCF4556BE, HCH4094BP, HD63484P8, HD68000-10, HEF40098BD, HEF40106BD, HEF4013BP, HEF4021BP, HEF4022BD, HEF4023BD, HEF4027BD, HEF4029BD, HEF4029BD, HEF4052BP, HEF4067BD, HEF4071BD, HEF4093BD, HEF4556BD, HEF4585BD, HF70 SH40x2x12, HFBR-3691 SnapIn, HFE4046 BE , HKA5003M, HLW14R-2C7LF, HM6264LP-15, HML069B, HN462723G, HN482764G, HN482764G, HP2731, HRPG-ASCA#14R, HYB511000A-70, i387DX  A89387DX, ICL232CPE, ICL7106 CPL, ICL7106CPL, ICL7106CPL, ICL7106CPL, ICL7106EV KIT, ICL7107 CPL, ICL7107 CPL, ICL7107CPL, ICL7107EV KIT, ICL7109CPL, ICL7126CPL, ICL7226CPL, ICL7650CPD, ICL7650CPD, ICL7660CPA, ICL7660CPA, ICL7660CPA, ICL7660CPA, ICM7207AIPD, ICM7209IPA, ICM7216DIPI, ICM7555IPA, ICM7555IPA, ICM7555IPA, ID100, IDT72V293L10PF, IH5049CPE, IH5050CPE, IH5110IJE, IH5115IJE, ILD 74, IM6508CPE, IM6604IJG, IM6604IJG, IM6654, IMSG170S-50, INS8060N, INS8154N, IRF730, ISQ5 , K1100AM-42MHZ, K1100AM-44.4.2MHZ, K1114AM-32MHZ, K1114AM-40MHZ, K7201FT, KA3528SRC, KA-3528SRC, KBL08, KBPC10-02, KBU4G, KM44C4100AJ-7, KR3600-ST, KR3600-ST, KS74AHCT02N, KS74AHCT04N, L120AB, L7805CV, L7815CV, L78S05CT, L7905CV, L7912CV, L7915CV, LA30D, LD2114AL-4, LF13333N, LF13741N, LF257H, LF3558, LF356BH, LF356N, LF398N, LF398N8, LF444CN, LH0042CD, LH0052CD, LM10CH, LM10CN, LM117K STEEL, LM120K-5.0, LM207H, LM224J, LM224J, LM224J, LM224N, LM275D, LM2900N, LM2935, LM3080N P309, LM308AH, LM308H, LM308N, LM309K STEEL, LM313H, LM317HVH, LM317K STEEL, LM317T  , LM319H, LM323K, LM323K, LM324, LM324J, LM324J, LM324J, LM324N, LM3302N, LM331N, LM334Z, LM335H, LM336H2.5, LM336Z-2.5, LM337T, LM337T, LM337T, LM338K, LM339 SCM, LM339A, LM339AN, LM339AN, LM339N, LM339N, LM339N, LM340T-5, LM350T, LM350T, LM358AN, LM35CH, LM370H, LM375N, LM380N, LM380N, LM385D-1.2V  , LM3900N, LM3900N QUAD AMP, LM3914CN, LM393N, LM393N, LM393N, LM399H, LM555, LM555CM, LM709HC, LM723CJ, LM723CN, LM741CH, LM741CN, LM741CN , LM747D, LN38GCP, LN80C152JA, LR4089, LR4096(DIL16), LS285AB, LSI240, LT1001ACN8, LT1003CK, LT1008CH, LT1012CH, LT1013CH, LT1014CJ, LT1033CK, LT1038CK, LT1073CH, LT323AK, LT323AT, LT350AK, LT350K, LTC1043CN, LTC1052CN8, LTC4622G, LTC4623G, LTC7652CH, LTD6910HR, LTE209, LTL3223A-R, LTL3233A-G, LTL3253A-Y, LTL4231N, LTR209, LTR546AD, LTS312R   MAN71, LTV847 Hi Speed, LX1662CD, LX6431CDMT/6431CDMT, LX811705CST, LX8587A, LX9501, LXM1700-05, LYA 679-CO-E, M122, M2764AF, M2764AF1, M27C4002-12C1, M322, M338A403 2.60GHZ, M48Z02-70PC1, M8432, M957, M957, MAN71A630C, MASQ TANTAL 10/35V, MASQ TANTAL 47/16V, MAX232CPE, MAX232CPE, MAX420COA, MB8116E, MB8120H06, MB81464-12PSZ 120nS, MB8167-55, MBD102, MC10124L, MC10210P, MC1350P, MC1357P, MC1373P, MC14000UB, MC14001BCL, MC14001BCL, MC14001BCL, MC14001BCP, MC14002BCP, MC14007UBCP, MC14011 BCP, MC14011BAL, MC14011BCL, MC14011BCP, MC14011BCP, MC14011BCP, MC14011BCP, MC14011CP, MC14011CP, MC14011CP, MC14012BCP, MC14012CP, MC14013 BCP  , MC14013BAL, MC14013BCL, MC14014BCP, MC14015BAL, MC14016BCL, MC14016BCL, MC14016BCL, MC14017BAL, MC14017BCP, MC14017BCP, MC14018BCP, MC14020BCP, MC14020BCP, MC14020CP, MC14022 BCP, MC14022BCL, MC14022BCP, MC14023BCP, MC14023BCP, MC14024BCP, MC14025BCP, MC14025BCP, MC14025BCP, MC14027BCP, MC14027BCP, MC14027BCP, MC14029 BCP, MC1403, MC14035BCP, MC14035BCP, MC1403U CER/DIL8, MC14040BCP, MC14040BCP, MC14040CP, MC14042BCL, MC14042BCLD, MC14042BCP, MC14043BCL, MC14046BCP, MC14046BCP, MC14046BCP, MC14049, MC14049BCL, MC14049BCL, MC14049BCP, MC14049CL, MC14049CP, MC14049UBCP, MC14049UBCP, MC14049UBCP, MC14049UBCP, MC14049UBCP, MC14049UBCP, MC14050BCL, MC14050BCP, MC14050BCP, MC14050CP, MC14050CP, MC14050CP, MC14051BCP, MC14053BAL, MC14066BCP, MC14066BCP, MC14068, MC14068BCL, MC14069BCP, MC14069UBCP, MC14069UBCP, MC14070, MC14070BAL, MC14070BCP, MC14071BCP, MC14071BCP, MC14072BCP, MC14072BCP, MC14075BCL, MC14076BCP, MC14077BCL, MC14077BCP, MC14078BCP, MC14081BCP, MC14081BCP, MC14082BCP, MC14093BCL, MC14093BCP, MC14093BCP, MC1413BCP, MC14408P, MC14409L, MC14410P, MC14411P  , MC14419P, MC14435P, MC1448G, MC14501UBCP, MC14501UBCP, MC14502BCP, MC14502BCP, MC14502BCP, MC14502BCP, MC14502CP, MC14504BCL, MC14504BCP, MC14504BCP, MC14507CB, MC14507CP, MC14508B, MC14508BCN, MC145101-1L, MC14510BCP, MC14511BCL, MC14512BCP, MC14513BCP, MC145146P, MC145146P, MC14514BCP, MC145151P, MC145152L, MC145152P, MC14515BCP, MC14516BCP, MC14516BCP, MC14518BCL, MC14518BCP, MC14520BCP, MC14520BCP, MC14521BCL, MC14522BCP, MC14522CP, MC14527BCP, MC14527BCP, MC14528BCP, MC14528BCP, MC14528BCP, MC14528BCP, MC14528CP, MC14529BCP, MC14531BCP, MC14536BCP, MC14536BCP, MC14538B, MC14538BCL, MC14538BCP, MC14538BCP, MC14539BCP, MC14541CL, MC14543BCP, MC14555BCP, MC14556BCP, MC14557BAL, MC14572UBCL, MC14572UBCP, MC14573CL, MC14585BCP, MC14585BCP, MC14585CP, MC14599BCP, MC1461 R, MC14626BCP, MC1463G, MC146818AP, MC146818P, MC146823L, MC1468L, MC1488P, MC1514L, MC1595L, MC1648P, MC1650L, MC1658P, MC1690L, MC1710CL, MC1723CG, MC1723L, MC1741CP2, MC1776CP1, MC24585CP, MC3022P, MC33110P, MC33174, MC33174P, MC3403L, MC3403P, MC3403P , MC34063U, MC3420P, MC3520L, MC3524L, MC4044P, MC44802AP, MC476P, MC54HC240J, MC663L, MC664L, MC667L, MC6802P, MC6802P, MC6821P, MC682L, MC6834P 1 MHz CRTC, MC6844L, MC6845P, MC6846LI, MC6850P, MC6852P, MC6854P, MC68B50P, MC6902P, MC74417P, MC74F00N, MC74F00N, MC74F240N, MC74F240N, MC74F373N, MC74F373N, MC74F374N, MC74F74N, MC74HC00N, MC74HC163N, MC74HC244AN, MC74HC244N, MC74HC373N, MC74HC374, MC74HC42N, MC75492, MC7805ACT, MC7812CT, MC7815ACT, MC78L05ACP, MC78L05CP, MC78L12CT, MC78L24ACP  , MC78L24ACP  , MC78M05CT, MC78M12BT, MC78M24T, MC78T24CT, MC7915C, MC7918CT, MC79L12ACP, MC815P, MC825P, MC833P, MC889P, MC890P, MCF6010, MCM4116AC25, MCM4116L20 CER, MCM5003L, MCM6571AP, MCM6665BP20, MD74SC138AC, MD8228/B, MDLS16268C, MDLS16268-LV-G, MEM4956PT, MEM4962P, MEM4963P, MEM560, MEM563, MEM711, MEM780P, MFR075, MF-R075, MJE371, MK4116N-53, MK4118P-1, MK4801AP-70, ML301 AT    MilSpec, MLM339P, MM1702AQ, MM2102, MM2114N-L, MM2708Q, MM2708Q, MM4050BCJ, MM5017N, MM5220DF/J, MM5290J-3, MM53200N, MM5760N, MM5760N, MM74C04N, MM74C151N, MM74C173N/CD4076CN, MM74C915N, MM74HC373N, MM74HCT05N, MM74HTC05, MMI6301-1J, MN4049B, MN4050B, MN4093B, MN4543B, MOC3010, MOC3021, MOC3041, MPY-7H59, MRD300, MTA11200/SP, MTN2R1UF25V20%, MTN4A 4,7-5-20, MTN4A4.7UF25V20%, MTN4R2.2UF50V20%, MTN4R4.7UF25V20%, MTN4R6.8UF20V20%, MTY1120/P, MV50, MV5352, MV57164, N28F001BX-T150, N28F010-120, N54LS00J, N572N, N74154 N, N7417A, N7473N, N80C187-16, N8223N, N82S128F, N82S23F, N8T25N, N8T28N, N8T32, N8T36N, N8T38N, N8T97N, N8X300I, NC2051LC, NC2320PC, NC2322PC, NC2322PT, NC3215, NC322PT, NC3FX-B, NC4055LC, NC6423PC, NC6571A, NC7033LC-0000, NC7040LE, NC7051LC, NC7051LM, NC7055PC, NC7451PC, NC79L05CP, NC8000PC, NE542N, NE5534D, NE555N, NE556N, NE556N, NE556N, NE561N, NE567N, NE571N, NE572N, NM27C32Q-350, NPE/STA2.2 Numeric proc., NPE/STAT2-2, NSBM4R 2.2UF50V/20%, P.NPEA01.2, P2101, P2102A-2, P2102A-4, P2114AL-4, P21256-10, P3101A, P3205, P3205, P8035, P8088, P8088, P80C31BH, P8101A-4, P8102A-4, P8156H, P8212, P8214, P8228, P8237A, P8237A-5, P8251A, P8255-5, P8256AH, P8259A, P8259A-2, P8272A, P8273, P8273-4, P8274, P8275, P8279, P8291, P8327   DS75160N, P87C54, PAL16C8ANC, PAL16L8ANC, PAL16L8CN, PAL16R4NC, PALCE16V8H-5JC/5, PALCE20V8H-5JC/5, PC 715-V, PC74HC00T, PC74HC373T, PC74HC85T, PC74HCT00P, PCD8572, PCD8572, PCD8582A, PCF8582AT, PCF8591T, PEB 2055N V3A, Pentium4 2.4GHZ 1.525v, Pentium4 2.68GHZ/512/800, PIC-1664, PIC16C54 JW, PIC16C54 LP/SO SMD, PIC16C54A-04/SO, PIC16C54-LP/P, PIC16C54-RC/P, PIC16C54XT/SO, PIC16C54XT/SO, PIC16C55/JW-S1, PIC16C55/JW-S1, PIC16C55JW, PIC16C55-RC/P, PIC16C55-RC/P, PIC16C56 -XT/P, PIC16C56JW, PIC16C56XT/SO SMD, PIC16C57/JW-S1, PIC16C57HS/P, PIC16C57HS/P, PIC16C57JW, PIC16C57XT/SO, PIC16C622/JW, PIC16C64-RC/P, PIC16C71/4-SO, PIC16C71/JW-S1, PIC16C71-04/P, PIC16C71-16JW, PIC16C74/JW, PIC16C74-20/PQ, PIC16C84-10/SO, PIC16F84-04/P, PIC16F84A-20I/SO, PIC16F84A-20ISO, PIC16LC62-04/SO, PIC16LC65-04/P, PIC16LC74-04I/P, PIC16LC84-04I/P, PIC17C42-16JW, PIC17C44-33I/P, PICMASTER_PIC16C71, PICSTART-16A, PICSTART-16B1, PICSTART-16B1 V2.0 UPGRD, PMS-200-100OHM2%, PRINTER_PORT_36, PRME15002, PROM1-1024A, PSB 2186H V1.1, PSB2186H V1.1 ISAC-S, Q4008L4, QO29A723-1531 SL45Z, QS316245Q2, QS3244SO, QS3383SO, QS3384P, QS3384SO, QS3390Q, QS74FCT2373ATSO, QS74FCT245TP, QUARZ_2MHZ, R1M-043-66A, R1M-053-12A, R35H-272-4B, R56C24P2, R6522AP, R6522P-11, R6551AP, R6551AP, R65C02P4, R7H-11S-14B, R7H-11S-9B, R7H-122-9, R7H-125-12B, R7H-125-12C, R7M-042-9, R7R-272-9A, R7R-502-5A, RA-3-4256B, RA50X50, RGP10M, RHL-12V, RNF-3000-R-3/1-0, RO3-2513, RPS100-R50-2 Temination, RPT516-20-50-5 Temination, S2569B, S6834 CER, SA9102CPA, SAA1024, SAA1025, SAB8032AP, SAB82525N V2.1 HSCX, SAB82525N VA3 HSCX, SAB82532N V2.2, SAB82532N V3.2A, SAB8282AP, SAB-C165-LM, SAB-C167CR-LM, SAB-C50-1L24N STEP BA, SAB-C541U-1EN, SAK-C167CR-LM BA, SCM90058C, SD304ZE FET, SE 2036, SE529H, SFF96364AE, SFH 756, SFH400-2, SFH600-0, SG1524J, SG2003J, SG2503Y, SG2524BDW, SG2524BJ, SG3524BDW, SG3524BN, SG3524N, SG3525AN, SG3526BDW, SG3526BJ, SG3846DW, SGP10C, SI9945AEY-E3 SO8, SKW15N120, SL-5-2128, SL610, SL-7-4032, SL-7-C2100, SM74LS245, SMBTA 56, SN16889P, SN54LS08J, SN54LS123J, SN54LS123J, SN54LS30J, SN7400N, SN7400N, SN7410N, SN74154N, SN7420N, SN7447AN, SN74H55J, SN74L500N, SN74L85N, SN74LS00N, SN74LS00N, SN74LS00N, SN74LS04N, SN74LS04N, SN74LS04N, SN74LS125AN, SN74LS132N, SN74LS133N, SN74LS138N, SN74LS138N, SN74LS139N, SN74LS13N, SN74LS14N, SN74LS165N, SN74LS189AN, SN74LS245, SN74LS245N, SN74LS245N, SN74LS30J, SN74LS373N, SN74LS373N, SN74LS42N, SN74LS640N, SN74LS647NI, SN74LS76AN, SN74LS77N, SN74S00N, SN74S00N, SN74S04N, SN74S163N, SN74S201J, SN74S258N, SN74S260N, SN75162AN, SP0256AL2/P, SP0256AL2/P, SP1000, SPP20N60S5, SS-6-8212, SSI20C89E, SSI20C90E, SSI225.1.3X_Cer, SW201, SY6522, T210 PA3_Kohm5, T74LS113B1, T74LS15B1, T74LS160B1, T74LS160B1, T74LS179B1, T74LS195B1, T74LS195B1, T74LS32B1, T74LS40B1, T74S170B1, T7812CT, T7815BT, TA120FSE, TA120LAS 208uA 500H, TA120NB NEUTRAL, TA120PCS, TA420LA 12VDC 2000H, TA420LA 24VDC 2000H, TA520LA 220VAC 2000H, TA620NB24V 2000H, TAE1453G / SO-6, TBA121-2, TBA820, TBP24SA10N, TC4011BP, TC4013BP, TC4421CPA , TC4528BP, TC4584BP, TC5516AP, TC5517P, TC5565PL-15, TCA205A, TDA8945, TEA1017, TIC126M, TIP47, TL061CP, TL082CP, TL084ACN, TL430CJG, TL431ACLP /AMMO, TL494CN, TL495CN, TLC271CP, TLE5250, TLP621-1GB, TMM41464AP-12, TMM41464AP-15, TMM4164AP-15, TMS2764-25JL, TMS4116-15NL, TMS4256-10NL, TMS4256-10NL, TMS4256-10NL, TN28F020-120, TQ6330/9,8304MHZ, TRK2221R01 3V, TRK2221R01 3V, TRK5213 RELAY 5V, TSZ1G43S, TX486DLC-33GA, TX-5080-EAE-1060-100M00, TZ2001, TZ2001, TZ2002, TZ2002, TZ2003, UA709CL   TP99, UA723C DIL, UA741C, UA741CP, UA741CP, UA7812KC, UA7815C, UA78H05SC , UA78H12ASC, UA78HGAKC, UA78M12UC, UA78P05SC, UA78S40DC, UA7915C, UA79GKC, UA79M12A, UA96174PC, UA96175PC, UAA2016P, UAF21H, UC2842AD, UCN5801A, UDN2982, UDN2982A, UF5404, ULN2002AN, ULN2068B, ULN2075B, ULN2803A, ULN2804A, ULN2804A, ULN2813A, ULN2814A, UM3750, UM6116-2, UM6502A, UM6502C, UM66T01L, UM66T01S, UM66T02L, UM66T04S, UM66T05L, UM66T05S, UM66T06S, UM66T11L, UM66T11S, UM66T19L, UM66T19S, UM66T32L, UM66T34L, UM66T68L, UM82C11, UM82C11, UM82C452L, UP88212D, UPA53C, V23042-A2007-B201, V23042-A2601-B101, VLA10425P, VLA10425Q, VLA10425R, VLA10625Q, VRS1000, WD2501T-91, WD55B, X1M595X-CL, XP2206CP, XR0262, XR084CP, XR095CP, XR2206CP, XR2242CP, XR2567CP,                                     www.Ellyptic.ch